Prosthetic arms inspired by video game world of Deus Ex

Source: Engadget


Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal have teamed up with Open Bionics, a specialist in low-cost prosthetics, to develop new designs based on the world of Deus Ex. The franchise delves deep into a possible future where human augmentation is commonplace, changing society and warfare in equal measure. Two arms — one based on Adam Jensen, the hero of Mankind Divided, another on the wider Deus Ex universe — will be released next year as royalty-free designs that anyone can use.

jensen3Open Bionics has already made prosthetic arms inspired by Iron Man,Frozen and Star Wars. The new designs look more impressive, however; the Adam Jensen arm (right) is full of detail, from its flexing fingers to the rotating wrist. The Titan arm (above), meanwhile, is more stylised with sharp, geometric shapes and angles. Both are coloured in gunmetal grey and gold, reflecting the series and its augmented superhero.

Eidos-Montreal and Open Bionics will be showing the arms at multiple game shows including E3 and Gamescom, with a little help from Razer. The company, most known for its gaming keyboards and mice, will be using its Stargazer webcam to track people’s movements and show them what it would be like to control an artificial limb. They might not be as lethal as those used by Adam Jensen, but they look the part — if they perform half as well, they could be attractive to amputees with a passion for the franchise.

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